Pin Christian


Directeur de Recherche, CNRS
Équipe de Géochimie
Bureau: 1.35 - LMV Cezeaux
Courriel :

  • Thèmes de Recherche :

    • Géochimie analytique :
    • évaluation de nouveaux matériaux chromatographiques pour la séparation des éléments utilisés en Géochimie isotopique (Sr, Lanthanides, U, Th, Hf, Pb, Ra)
    • mise au point de méthodes de dosage d’éléments en traces par ICP-MS
    • perfectionnements en géochronologie U-Pb
    • Géochimie et évolution de la lithosphère continentale :
    • géochimie isotopique Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr et pétrogenèse des granitoïdes orogéniques et anorogéniques
    • caractérisation chimique et isotopique de la croûte inférieure
    • Paléogéodynamique de la Chaîne Hercynienne :
    • signification géotectonique des magmatismes basique et bimodal anté-orogéniquse
    • étude des formations de très haut degré métamorphiques (éclogites, granulites) comme marqueurs géodynamiques
  • Responsabilités scientifiques et administratives :

    • Responsable du Service de Spectrochimie ICP du Centre Régional de Mesures Physiques (C.R.M.P.)
    • Responsable de l’entretien de trois laboratoires de chimie de l’UMR
    • Direction de 3 thèses


  • Activités d’enseignement :


  • Publications LMV depuis 2010 :

    Rang A :
    • Bouloton J., Gasquet D., Pin C. (2019). Petrogenesis of the Early-Triassic quartz-monzodiorite dykes from Central Jebilet (Moroccan Meseta): Trace element and Nd-Sr isotope constraints on magma sources, and inferences on their geodynamic context. Journal of African Earth Sciences vol.149, p.451-464, doi:10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2018.08.023.

    • Ikenne M., Söderlund U., Ernst R.E., Pin C., Youbi N., El Aouli E.H., Hafid A. (2018). A c. 1710 Ma mafic sill emplaced into a quartzite and calcareous series from Ighrem, Anti-Atlas – Morocco: Evidence that the Taghdout passive margin sedimentary group is nearly 1 Ga older than previously thought. Journal of African Earth Sciences vol.127, p.62-76, doi:10.1016/j.jafrearsci.2016.08.020.
    • Ober-Dziedzic T., Kryza R., Madej S., Pin C. (2018). The Saxothuringian Terrane affinity of the metamorphic Stachow Complex (Strzelin Massif, Fore-Sudetic Block, Poland) inferred from zircon ages. Geological Quarterly vol.62, 2, doi:10.7306/gq.1405.

    • Pin C., Gannoun A.M. (2017). Integrated Extraction Chromatographic Separation of the Lithophile Elements Involved in Long-Lived Radiogenic Isotope Systems (Rb−Sr, U−Th−Pb, Sm−Nd, La−Ce, and Lu−Hf). Useful in Geochemical and Environmental Sciences. Analytical Chemistry vol.89, p.2411-2417, doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.6b04289.

    • Carpentier M., Gannoun A.M., Pin C., Sigmarsson O. (2016). New Thorium Isotope Ratio Measurements in Silicate Reference Materials: A-THO, AGV-2, BCR-2, BE-N, BHVO-2 and BIR-1. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research vol.40, p.239-256, 2, doi:10.1111/j.1751-908X.2015.00385.x.
    • Herbosch A., Liégeois J.P., Pin C. (2016). Coticules of the Belgian type area (Stavelot-Venn Massif): Limy turbidites within the nascent Rheic oceanic basin. Earth Sciences Reviews vol.159, p.186-214, doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2016.05.012.
    • Oberc-Dziedzic T., Pin C., Madej S., Kryza R. (2016). Three generations of granitoids emplaced over a 300 My time span in the Strzelin Massif, Fore-Sudetic Block, SW Poland: mutual relationships and implications for secular crustal evolution. Journal of Geosciences vol.61, p.289-308, doi:10.3190/jgeosci.227.
    • Vilà M., Pin C. (2016). Geochemistry and Nd isotope signature of the Collserola Range Palaeozoic succesion (NE Iberia): Gondwana heritage and pre-Mesozoic geodynamic evolution. Geological Magazine vol.153, p.643-662, 4, doi:10.1017/S0016756815000837.

    • Bellot N., Boyet M., Doucelance R., Pin C., Chauvel C., Auclair D. (2015). Ce isotope systematics of island arc lavas from the Lesser Antilles. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta vol.168, p.261-279, doi:10.1016/j.gca.2015.07.002.
    • Oberc-Dziedzic T., Kryza R., Pin C. (2015). Variscan granitoids related to shear zones and faults: examples from the Central Sudetes (Bohemian Massif) and the Middle Odra Fault Zone. International Journal of Earth Sciences vol.104, p.1139-1166, 5, doi:10.1007/s00531-015-1153-7.

    • Bialek D., Kryza R., Oberc-Dziedzic T., Pin C. (2014). Cambrian Zawidów granodiorites in the Cadomian Lusatian Massif (Central European Variscides): what do the SHRIMP zircon ages means ?. vol.59, p.313-326, doi:10.3190/jgeosci.179.
    • Kryza R., Pin C., Oberc-Dziedzic T., Crowley Q.G., Larionov A. (2014). Deciphering the geochronology of a large granitoid pluton (Karkonosze Granite, SW Poland): an assessment of U-Pb zircon SIMS and Rb-Sr whole-rock dates relative to U-Pb zircon CA-ID-TIMS. International Geology Review 56, 756-782. doi:10.1080/00206814.2014.886364.
    • Kryza R., Schaltegger U., Oberc-Dziedzic T., Pin C., Ovtcharova M. (2014). Geochronology of a composite granitoid pluton: a high-precision ID-TIMS U–Pb zircon study of the Variscan Karkonosze Granite (SW Poland). International Journal of Earth Sciences 103, 683-696. doi:10.1007/s00531-013-0995-0.
    • Pin C., Gannoun A.M., Dupont A. (2014). Rapid, simultaneous of Sr, Pb and Nd, and Nd by extraction chromatography prior to isotope ratios determination by TIMS and MC-ICP-MS. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 29, 1858-1870. A définir doi:10.1039/c4ja00169a.
    • Vander Auwera J., Bolle O., Dupont A., Pin C., Paquette J.L., Charlier B., Duchesne J.C., Mattielli N., Bogaerts M. (2014). Source-derived heterogeneities in the composite(charnockite-granite) ferroan Farsund intrusion (SW Norway). Precambrian Research 251, 141-163. doi:10.1016/j.precamres.2014.06.003.

    • Barr S. M., Pin C., McMullin D.W.A., White C.E. (2013). Whole-rock chemical and Sm-Nd isotopic composition of a Late Proterozoic metasedimentary sequence in Ganderia: Kellys Mountain, Bras d'Or terrane, Nova Scotia, Canada: Atlantic Geology, v. 49, p. 57-69. doi:10.4138/atlgeol.2013.002.
    • Ilnicki S., Szczepańsk J., Pin C. (2013). From back-arc to rifted margin: Geochemical and Nd isotopic records in Neoproterozoic?-Cambrian metabasites of the Bystrzyckie and Orlickie Mountains (Sudetes, SW Poland): Gondwana Research, v. 23, p. 1104-1121. doi:10.1016/
    • Krys P., Testa F., Trochimczuk A., Pin C., Taulemesse J.M., Vincent T., Guibal E. (2013). Encapsulation of ammonium molybdophosphate and zirconium phosphate in alginate matrix for the sorption of rubidium(I): Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, v. 409, p. 141-150. doi:10.1016/j.jcis.2013.07.046.
    • Menard G., Vlastélic I., Ionov D.A., Rose-Koga E., Piro J., Pin C. (2013). Precise and accurate determination of boron concentration in silicate rocks by direct isotope dilution ICP-MS: Insight into the B budget of the mantle and B behavior in magmatic systems: Chemical Geology v. 354, p. 139-149. doi:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2013.06.017.
    • Slagstad T., Pin C., Roberts D., Kirkland C.L., Grenne T., Dunning G., Sauer S., Andersen T. (2013). Tectonomagmatic evolution of the Early Ordovician suprasubduction-zone ophiolites of the Trondheim Region, Mid-Norwegian Caledonides, in T. G. S. o. London, ed., New Perpectives on the Caledonides of Scandinavia and Related Areas, v. 390, p. doi:10.1144/SP390.11.
    • Sánchez-Lorda M.E., de Madinabeitia S.G., Pin C., Ibarguchi J.I.G. (2013). Concomitant measurement of 143Nd/144Nd and 147Sm/144Nd ratios without isotope dilution in geological samples: An assessment of MC-ICP-MS capabilities: International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, v. 333, p. 34-43. doi:10.1016/j.ijms.2012.08.038.

    • Guillot F., Bertrand J.M., Bussy F., Lanari P., Cosma L., Pin C. (2012). Early Variscan I-type pluton in the pre-Alpine basement of the Western Alps: the ca. 360 Ma Cogne diorite (NW-Italy). Lithos 153, 94-107. doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2012.04.010..
    • Kryza R., Crowley Q.G., Larionov A., Pin C., Oberc-Dziedzic T., Mochnacka K. (2012). Chemical abrasion applied to SHRIMP zircon geochronology: An example from the Variscan Karkonosze Granite (Sudetes, SW Poland). Gondwana Research 21, 757-767. doi:10.1016/
    • Linnemann U., Herbosch A., Liégeois J.P., Pin C., Gärtner A., Hofmann M. (2012). The Cambrian to Devonian odyssey of the Brabant Massif within Avalonia: A review with new zircon ages, geochemistry, Sm–Nd isotopes, stratigraphy and palaeogeography. Earth Sciences Reviews vol.112, p.126-154, doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2012.02.007.
    • Sarrionandia F., Carracedo Sánchez M., Eguiluz L., Abalos B., Rodríguez J., Pin C., Gil Ibarguchi J.I. (2012). Cambrian rift-related magmatism in the Ossa-Morena Zone (Iberian Massif): Geochemical and geophysical evidence of Gondwana break-up. Tectonophysics 570-571, 135-150. doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2012.07.023.

    • Valenzuela A., Donaire T., Pin C., Toscano M., Hamilton M., Pascual E. (2011). Geochemistry and U-Pb dating of felsic volcanic rocks in the Riotinto-Nerva unit, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Spain: Crustal thinning, progressive crustal melting and massive sulphide genesis: Journal of Gelogical Society of London, v. 168, p. 717-731. doi:10.1144/0016-76492010-081.

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    Rang B et C :
    • Rose J-E., Monchoux P., de Parseval Ph., Pin C., Aigouy T., Béziat D. (2018). Les albitites à corindon liées aux lherzolites des Pyrénées. Nouvelles données minéralogiques, nouveau gisement. Le Règne Minéral vol.140, p.29-40.
    • Rousset C., Fournier R., Pin C. (2018). Lozère. p.239 p., Lozère - Guides Géologiques, Omniscience.

    • Bellot N., Boyet M., Doucelance R., Pin C., Savov, Plank, Elliott (2015). Cerium isotope systematics in the Mariana arc-basin system. Goldschmidt conference, Prague.
    • Boyet M., Bellot N., Doucelance R., Pin C., Chauvel C., Savov I., Plank T., Elliott T. (2015). Application of the 138La-138Ce systematics as tracer of recycled sediment in the mantle. AGU, San Francisco, USA.

    • Bellot N., Boyet M., Doucelance R., Pin C., Chauvel C., Plank T., Elliott T. (2014). Comparison of Ce isotopes in two oceanic arc systems: Lesser Antilles and Mariana. Goldschmidt conference, Sacramento. .

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