Personnel du LMV Bonnand Pierre

Bonnand Pierre


Post-Doctorant, CNRS
Équipe de Géochimie
Axes: Volcanisme Andin - Terre Primitive -
ERC Goforisobif
Bureau: 1.74 - LMV Cezeaux
Courriel :

  • Thèmes de Recherche :

    I am an isotope geochemist interested in high and low temperature geochemistry. My main research interest is the development and use of non-traditional stable isotope systems to study redox reactions in natural systems. The two main research areas that I currently work on are the oxygenation and variations in the redox conditions in past Oceans and the processes responsible for the differentitaion of the Earth such as core formation.

    I have worked on many different geological and environmental materials from seawater to iron meteorites and lunar basalts. More recently, I have been working in “experimental isotope geochemistry”. The aim of this research is to study the isotopic fractionation for non-traditional stable isotopes during laboratory experiments. The tools I have currently developed are stable Cr and stable Ce isotopes. For both Cr and Ce isotope measurements, I use the “double spike” method to correct the fractionation induced by chemical separation and isotopic measurements. I analyse most of my samples using a Thermo Ionisation Mass Spectrometer.

  • Activités d’enseignement :

    2008 : Enseignant assistant, The Open University, Ecole de terrain, Géologie régionale du nord de l’Angleterre et introduction à la géologie de terrain.

    2010 : Enseignant assistant, The Open University, Ecole de terrain, Géologie régionale d’Ecosse, Comprendre la formation d’une ancienne chaine de montagne.

    2011 : Enseignant assistant, The Open University, Ecole de terrain, Géologie régionale du nord de l’Angleterre et introduction à la géologie de terrain.

    2016 : Cours (3h) et TD (3h) dans le module géochimie isotopique des licence 3ème année (LMV Clermont Ferrand).         

                 TP (16h) dans le module techniques analytiques des master 1ère année (LMV Clermont Ferrand).

    2018 : Cours et TD (isotopie stable) dans le module géochimie isotopique des licence 3ème année (LMV Clermont Ferrand).


    Encadrements :

    2014-2015 : Encadrant du projet de master de Matthew Jerram, University of Oxford.

    Eté 2015 : Encadrement du projet de recherche de troisième cycle de Ségolène Rabin, Lassale Beauvais.

    2015-2019 : Co-encadrant avec Prof. Alex Halliday de la thèse de doctorat de Matthew Jerram, University of Oxford.

    2017 : Encadrant du projet de master 1 de Rémi Dubost, Université Clermont Auvergne.

  • Publications LMV :

    Rang A :

    • Bellot N., Boyet M., Doucelance R., Bonnand P., Savov I.P., Plank T., Elliott T. (2018). Origin of negative cerium anomalies in subduction-related volcanic samples: Constraints from Ce and Nd isotopes. Chemical Geology vol.500, p.46-63, - DOI:10.1016/j.chemgeo.2018.09.006.
    • Bonnand P., Halliday A.N. (2018). Oxidized conditions in iron meteorite parent bodies. Nature Geoscience vol.11, p.401-404, 6, - DOI:10.1038/s41561-018-0128-2.
    • Holship P., Bonnand P., Price D., Watson P. (2018). Micro flow injection ICP-MS analysis of high matrix samples: an investigation of its capability to measure trace elements in iron meteorites. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry - DOI:10.1039/c8ja00162f.

    Publications antérieures :

    Fairchild I.J., Bonnand P., Davies T., Fleming E.J., Grassineau N., Halverson G.P., Hambrey M.J., McMillan E.M., McKay E., Parkinson I.J., Stevenson C.T.E. (2016) The Late Cryogenian Warm Interval, NE Svalbard: Chemostratigraphy and genesis. Precambrian Research, 281, 128-154.

    Bonnand P., Williams, H.M., Parkinson, I.J., Wood, B.J., Halliday, A.N. (2016) Stable chromium isotopic composition of meteorites and metal-silicate experiments: Implications for fractionation during core formation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 435, 14-21.

    Bonnand P., Parkinson I.J., Anand M. (2016) Mass dependent fractionation of stable chromium isotopes in mare basalts: Implications for the formation and the differentiation of the Moon. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 175, 208-221.

    Bonnand P., James R.H., Parkinson I.J., Connelly D.P., Fairchild I.J. (2013) The chromium isotopic composition of seawater and marine carbonates. Earth and Planetary Sciences Letters, 382, 10-20.

    Schiano P., David K., Vlastélic I., Gannoun A., Klein M., Nauret F., Bonnand P. (2012) Osmium isotope systematics of historical lavas from Piton de la Fournaise (Réunion Island, Indian Ocean). Contribution to Mineralogy and Petrology, 164 (5), 805-820.

    Bruand E., Gasser D., Bonnand P., Stuewe K. (2011) The petrology and geochemistry of a metabasite belt along the southern margin of Alaska. Lithos, 127 (1-2), 282-297.

    Bonnand P., Parkinson I.J., James R.H., Karjalainen A.M., Fehr M.A. (2011) Accurate and precise determination of Cr isotopes in carbonates by double spike MC-ICP-MS. J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 26 (3), 528-535.

    Rang B et C :

    Bonnand P., Matzen A., Smythe D., Wood B., Halliday A.N. Boyet M. (2018) Equilibrium fractionation of chromium isotopes between chromites and silicate melts. EMPG conference. Clermont-Ferrand

    Bonnand P., Halliday A.N. (2016) Chromium isotopic variations in magmatic iron meteorites. Goldschmidt Conference Abstract, 2016 264.

    Bonnand P., Halliday A.N., Williams H.M., Parkinson I.J., Wood B., (2015) High Precision Stable Chromium Isotopes in Meteorites. Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2015 338

    Bonnand P., Parkinson I.J., Anand M. (2013) The stable chromium isotopic composition of Lunar basalts. Poster, Goldschmidt 2013 (Florence, Italie).

    Bonnand P., McMillan E., Parkinson I., Fairchild I., Condon D., Halverson G.H. (2012) Timing the evolution of seawater chemistry during the Neoproterozoic: case study of the Svalbard succession. Poster, Goldschmidt 2012 (Montréal, Canada).   

    Bonnand P., Parkinson I., James R and Fairchild I. (2011) Chromium isotopes as an indicator of Redox conditions in the Cryogenian seawater. Présentation orale, Goldschmidt 2011 (Prague, République Tchèque).

    Bonnand P., Parkinson I., James R., Fehr M., and Connelly D. (2010) Cr isotopic composition of modern carbonates and seawater. Poster, AGU 2010 (San Francisco, USA) .

    Bonnand P., Parkinson I., James R., Karvailainen A.M., Fehr M., and Fairchild I. (2010) Determination of Cr isotopic composition in low-level carbonates by MC-ICP-MS: a sensitive proxy for redox changes? Poster, EGU 2010 (Vienne, Autriche)

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