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Profile of Professorship in Experimental Petrology

  The recruited person will be assigned to the experimental petrology team of the Laboratory Magmas and Volcanoes (LMV), a research unit of Clermont Auvergne University, CNRS and IRD. His/her work should be complementary with the other Team’s members and enrich the research axes of this team. It can also be part of one of the transversal research axes of the LMV ("Geodynamic Mechanisms of ...
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III. Geodynamic Cycle of Volatile Elements

[caption id="attachment_8359" align="alignright" width="407"] Thin section microphotograph under plane polarised light. Characteristic lattice network of low-pressure serpentinisation is visible. Here, the ‘oceanisation’ process (i.e. hydrothermal metamorphism in ocean floor) represented by the networked lizardite, which is even cross cut by antigorite formed during the initial stage of the su...
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Multi-anvil presses

National Facility 1500-ton press Presentation The 1500 ton Kawai-Type multi-anvil and 1000 ton walker-Type multi-anvil apparatuses at laboratory Magmas et Volcans can generate up to 26 GPa using the 10/4 multi-anvil cell configuration (10 mm edge length Cr2O3-doped MgO octahedral pressure medium and 4 mm WC anvil truncation), with 32 mm tungsten carbide (ha 6%-Co, HAWEDIA) second stage anvils. ...
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