III. Geodynamic Cycle of Volatile Elements

Serpentinite’s role in geochemical recycling during subduction. Alpine serpentines of various metamorphic facies potentially record element transfer and fluid circulation in a subduction zone, as deep as 100-150 km. During oceanic metamorphism, it incorporates fluid-mobile elements (B, Li, As, Sb, Rb, Ba, Cs, Sr, U et Pb) following fluid movements. Then, the results from a

Multi-anvil presses

National Facility 1500-ton press Presentation The 1500 ton Kawai-Type multi-anvil and 1000 ton walker-Type multi-anvil apparatuses at laboratory Magmas et Volcans can generate up to 26 GPa using the 10/4 multi-anvil cell configuration (10 mm edge length Cr2O3-doped MgO octahedral pressure medium and 4 mm WC anvil truncation), with 32 mm tungsten carbide (ha 6%-Co,

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