One atmosphere furnaces

Contact : Ken Koga Ensemble of one atmosphere furnaces are available in Experimental Peterology group. – One atmosphere gas-mixing quench furnace (H2-CO2) – High-temperature quench furnace – High-temperature glass synthesis furnace (under maintenance) – Hight-temperature multi-gas-mixing quench furnace (under construction)            

Piston cylinder press

  PC1 Piston cylinder press LMV.  Bench-top model from Prof. Dexter Perkins (University of North Dakota). Delivered August 1989 and operating since 1990. PC2 Piston cylinder press LMV.  Bench-top model  from Depth of the Earth (Prof. John Holloway, Arizona State University). Delivered fall 1986 and operating since 1987.   Contact : Ken Koga

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