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Real-time measurement of the volcanic activity

Avec les soutien de l'ANR (projet Domerapi), de l'OPGC et du LabEx ClerVolc, nous développons des systèmes d'observation en continu et en temps réel de l'activité volcanique. La cible choisie est le volcan Merapi en Indonésie. Ce volcan est très actif, très peuplé et désormais équipé d'un réseau wifi qui permet de communiquer en temps réel avec les stations installées sur ses flancs comme à son...
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4. VolcFlow as a script

It is possible to use VolcFlow as a script if you need to run several simulation, in a probabilistic approach for example. Here, lava source conditions are defined randomly. Simulation are done and data are saved. At the end, a map is generated. Red color = affected by all the simulations, blue = by just one. This example shows: - how to use VolcFlow as a script - how to use the data for ...
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5. Tsunami

Simulation of a tsunami This example also shows how to use a image to define the initial thickness. You MUST use the double upwind scheme for tsunami simulation (doubleUpwind = 1 - a simple scheme would smooth the results). download the image here and add it in the same folder than the input file :  Input file : %A simple example to simulate a collapse in 2D %basic instructi...
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2. Collapse

This example simulates the collapse of a mass, which is initially square shaped. The plastic rheology has been chosen. The artificial topography is defined with a mathematical function. initial shape                                                                                                         final shape Copy/paste these lines in the editor of Matlab. Save the .m-file, run Vol...
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1. Dambreak

  %A simple example to simulate a dambreak in 1D %basic instruction to write a VolcFlow file nrow = 3;   %equations are in 2D. At least 3 lignes (or columns) should be defined, even for 1D simulation ncol = 500; %number of column of the simulation dx_horiz = 3/ncol;   %defines the space step (in m) as a function                      %of the domain length and the number of cell...
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Download the one-fluid version of VolcFlow (demo version < 2 months, 2 files: VolcFlow.p and VolcFlowFig.fig): !!! Chrome considers that the files of VolcFlow are not sure and may block the download. If you do not see the images or if the links are inactive, use Firefox or another browser. (left click    or    right click and "save target as..." ) Before downloading: because of ...
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VolcFlow -copie

[restabs alignment="osc-tabs-left" responsive="false"] [restab title="1. Presentation of VolcFlow" active="active"] last modification: January 2015 VolcFlow has been developped for the simulation of volcanic flows at the Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Clermont-Ferrand , by Karim Kelfoun (k.kelfoun @ and collaborators. VolcFlow has been be used: f...
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