Volcans cibles

Nos volcans cibles La compréhension du volcanisme nécessite l’acquisition de données de terrain : imagerie visible et thermique, campagnes géophysiques, prélèvements de gaz, de roches et de cendres pour analyses pétrologiques et géochimiques, cartographie des dépôts et des destructions, etc Nos cibles dépendent de l’activité en cours, des thématiques de recherches et de nos collaborations

Numerical simulations of volcanic flows

Dense pyroclastic flows Dense / dilute pyroclastic flows and exchanges Debris avalanches Mud Flows Lava flows All the simulations are done witth the code VolcFlow VolcFlow web site to download the code, examples and for user help         Modélisation de l’avalanche de Socompa (Chili) Modélisation des écoulements pyroclastiques denses et dilués du

4. VolcFlow as a script

It is possible to use VolcFlow as a script if you need to run several simulation, in a probabilistic approach for example. Here, lava source conditions are defined randomly. Simulation are done and data are saved. At the end, a map is generated. Red color = affected by all the simulations, blue = by just

5. Tsunami

Simulation of a tsunami This example also shows how to use a image to define the initial thickness. You MUST use the double upwind scheme for tsunami simulation (doubleUpwind = 1 – a simple scheme would smooth the results). download the image here and add it in the same folder than the input file :

2. Collapse

This example simulates the collapse of a mass, which is initially square shaped. The plastic rheology has been chosen. The artificial topography is defined with a mathematical function. initial shape                                                                                                         final shape Copy/paste these lines in the editor of Matlab. Save the .m-file, run VolcFlow and chose the file. %A simple example to simulate a

1. Dambreak

  %A simple example to simulate a dambreak in 1D %basic instruction to write a VolcFlow file nrow = 3;   %equations are in 2D. At least 3 lignes (or columns) should be defined, even for 1D simulation ncol = 500; %number of column of the simulation dx_horiz = 3/ncol;   %defines the space step (in m)

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