Staff LMV Sauzeat Lucie

Sauzeat Lucie

Post-Doctorant, ISITE
Équipe de Géochimie
Bourse post-doctorale I-Site GRED
Bureau: 1.74 - LMV Cezeaux
Courriel :

  • Current research interest :

    Postdoctoral fellow (I-Site CAP 20-25, PI)

    After analyzing chemical and Cu-Zn isotopic compositions to better understand ageing and neurodegenerative diseases, my current research interests lie at the interface of human health and environmental risks and are mainly focused on the study of natural disasters in particular volcanic ash. 
    The sanitary risks associated with natural pollution – volcanoes being one of the main emitter, are currently neglected and underestimated, mainly due to our lack of knowledge regarding the toxicity they can cause. In this project, I address major public health issues related to the prolonged effect of volcanic ash on health. I use a new approach combining in-vivo experiments performed in living mice and promising isotopic tools and advanced biological and histological analysis done at the whole body scale.

    For more information please visit my personal website:

  • Responsabilités scientifiques et administratives :

    2021 Organisation d’une communication Grand Public, Clermont Innovation Week (CIW), à venir (Avril 2021)

    2021 Membre du conseil de laboratoire (LMV, Clermont-Ferrand, France)

    2019 Encadrement Master 2 (6mois, ETH Zurich, Suisse)

    2016 Organisation du congrès des doctorants (Lyon, France)

    2014 Mission de terrain pour échantillonnage (Canada, 10 jours)

  • Expérience de laboratoire:

    Procédures expérimentales sur animaux de laboratoire (souris, vers), préparation d’échantillon biologique et géologique pour analyses chimiques et isotopiques (digestion acide/micro-onde, UV), séparation d’ions/d’espèces chimiques par chromatographie en phase liquide (LC, HPLC), développement et validation de protocoles analytiques, règles d’hygiène et sécurité (salle blanche, ISO3), manipulation et stockage de substances chimiques toxiques (acides, solvants), gestion de produits chimiques (stock, recyclage)


    Acquisition & traitement de données:

    Quantification d’éléments chimiques sur spectromètres de masses (ICP-AES : Thermo iCap 6000 Radial, Q-ICP-MS : Thermo iCapQ), spéciation des métaux (QQQ-ICP-MS/MS : Agilent 8800), analyses isotopiques (MC-ICP-MS : Nu 500, Neptune), microsonde électronique, traitement de données brutes, contrôle et qualité des données, interprétation de résultats scientifiques


    Logiciels informatiques:

    Logiciels ICP-MS (Agilent, Thermo, Nu), Microsoft Office, Adobe illustrator, MATLABTM

  • Publications :

    Rang A :

    En préparation/Soumis

    • Morel J.D., Sauzéat L., Jha P., Goeminne L., Williams E., Aebersold R., Auwerx J., Balter V., The mouse metallomic landscape of aging and metabolism; submitted to Science



    • Sauzéat L., Costas-Rodríguez M., Albalat E., Mattielli N., Vanhaecke F., Balter V., Inter-comparison of stable iron, copper and zinc isotopic compositions in six reference materials of biological origin; Talanta, 221, 121576


    • Sauzéat L., Bernard E., Perret-Liaudet A., Quadrio I., Vighetto A., Krolak-Salmon P., Broussolle E., Leblanc P., Balter V., Isotopic evidence for disrupted copper metabolism in cerebrospinal fluids of ALS patients; iScience 6, 264-271
    • Sauzéat L., Laurençon A., Balter V., Metallome evolution in ageing C.elegans and a copper stable isotope perspective; Metallomics 10, 496-503
    • Ferrier-Pagès C., Sauzéat L., Balter V., Coral bleaching is linked to the capacity of the animal host to supply essential metals to the symbionts; Global Change Biology 00, 1-13


    • Hermann A., Sauzéat L., Guillou H., Maury R.C., Chauvel C., Liorzou C., Conte E., 2017. Combined geochemical and geochronological analyses of stone artefacts provide unambiguous evidence of intra- and inter-island interactions in Polynesia. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 13, 75–87.
    • Cordier C., Sauzéat L., Arndt N.T., Boullier A.-M., Batanova V., Barou F., 2017. Quantitative Modelling of the Apparent Decoupling of Mg# and Ni in Kimberlitic Olivine Margins: a Reply to the Comment on Cordier et al. (2015) by A. Moore. Journal of Petrology 58, 391–393.
    • Garçon M., Sauzéat L., Carlson R.W., Shirey S.B., Simon M., Balter V., Boyet M., 2017. Nitrile, Latex, Neoprene and Vinyl Gloves: A Primary Source of Contamination for Trace Element and Zn Isotopic Analyses in Geological and Biological Samples. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research 41, 367–380.


    • Cordier C., Sauzéat L., Arndt N.T., Boullier A.-M., Batanova V., Barou F., 2016. The Geochemical Complexity of Kimberlite Rocks and their Olivine Populations: a Reply to the Comment on Cordier et al.(2015) by Andrea Giuliani & Stephen F. Foley. Journal of Petrology 57, 927–932.


    • Sauzéat L., Rudnick R., Chauvel C., Garçon M., Tang M., 2015. New perspectives on the Li isotopic composition of the upper continental crust and its weathering signature. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 428, 181–192.
    • Cordier C., Sauzéat L., Arndt N.T., Boullier A.-M., Batanova V., Barou F., 2015. Metasomatism of the Lithospheric Mantle Immediately Precedes Kimberlite Eruption: New Evidence from Olivine Composition and Microstructures. Journal of Petrology 56, 1775–1796.
    Rang B et C :


    • Sauzéat L., Bernard E., Perret-Liaudet A., Quadrio I., Vighetto A., Krolak-Salmon P., Broussolle E., Leblanc P., Balter V., Interdisciplinary Case Study: Geochemistry meets the clinic in search for a metal ALS biomarker; iScience, 25, 531-535

    Communications Scientifiques – Conférences Internationales :


    • August 18-23 – Goldschmidt conference – Barcelona, Spain / Béziat P., Bouchet S., Sauzéat L., Tolu J., Alcolombri U., Winkel L. The role of phytoplankton in marine Se cycling – Poster presentation

    • April 11 – Invited seminar – Integrative Human Evolution Symposium (IHES) – Zurich, Switzerland / Sauzéat L., Bernard E., Perret-Liaudet A., Quadrio I., Broussolle E., Leblanc P., Balter V. Ageing & Neurodegenerative diseases: New constraints from the Metallomic – Oral presentation


    • September 19-21 – 2ndEuropean ICP-QQQ Forum, Agilent – Munich, Germany

    • September 6 – Invited seminar –Ortho-Analytik Laboratory – Wallisellen, Switzerland / Sauzéat L. Metal stable isotopes: New approach from geochemistry to medicine– Oral presentation

    • March 29-30, 2018 – International Medical Geology Association (IMGA) – Veyrier du Lac, France / Sauzéat L., Bernard E., Perret-Liaudet A., Quadrio I., Vighetto A., Krolak-Salmon P., Broussolle E., Leblanc P., Balter V. Isotopic evidence for disrupted copper metabolism in cerebrospinal fluids of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis patients – Oral presentation


    • September 14-15, 2017 – New Views on Aging – Paris, France / Sauzéat L., Jha P., Laurençon A., Auwerx J., Balter V. Aging: New constraints from chemical proxies – Oral presentation

    • August 13-18, 2017 – Goldschmidt – Paris, France / Sauzéat L., Jha P., Laurençon A., Auwerx J., Balter V. An isotope metallomic perspective on aging – Oral presentation


    • November 3, 2016 – Doctorate congress – Lyon, France / Sauzéat L., Balter V., Bernard E., Perret-Liaudet A., Quadrio I., Leblanc P., Broussolle E. Neurodegenerative diseases: New constraints from Cu and Zn cerebrospinal fluids compositions – Oral Presentation


     • August 16-21, 2015 – Goldschmidt conference – Prague, Czech Republic


     • December 15-19, 2014 – AGU (American Geophysical Union) – San Francisco, USA / Sauzéat L., Rudnick R. L., Chauvel C. Li isotopic composition and concentration of the upper continental crust (UCC): New insights provided by desert loess – Poster presentation

     • April, 2014 – EGU (European Geosciences Union) – Vienna, Austria / Cordier C., Sauzéat L., Arndt N.T., Boullier A.-M. Olivine in kimberlites: metasomatism of the deep lithospheric mantle – Oral presentation

     • March, 2014 – IMA (International Mineralogical Association) / Arndt N.T., Cordier C., Sauzéat L., Boullier A.-M. Olivine in kimberlites: lithospheric versus shallow processes – Oral presentation


     • August 25-30, 2013 – Goldschmidt conference – Florence, Italy / Sauzéat L., Cordier C., Arndt N.T., Boullier A.-M. How kimberlites form: clues from olivine geochemistry – Poster presentation

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