Non classé Souvenirs, témoignages…

Souvenirs, témoignages…

Hervé Martin (1951-2021), Professeur Emérite au LMV, nous a quitté Mardi 15 Juin 2021. Vous pouvez utiliser cette page pour laisser un témoignage, un souvenir, une anecdote …

Hervé Martin (1951-2021), Professor Emeritus at LMV, passed away on Tuesday 15th of June 2021. You can use this page to leave a small memory, a tribute or an anecdote you wish to share… 

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6 thoughts on “Souvenirs, témoignages…

  1. Hervé était un grand chercheur et un chic compagnonNous avons fait notre Licence ensemble à l’Université Paris 6 en… 1973-1974 !Amitiés et respects. Jacques-Marie Bardintzeff

  2. I was a student on the DEA class of 2003-2004. Hervé was our rock that year. He somehow found endless time for us which I’m sure came at great expense from his schedule. He cared greatly about the students and made sure each of us went on to do the things they wanted after we all graduated.A specific memory came to mind. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, some of us had “borrowed” a Christmas tree from the city decorations and set it up in our student office. We then posted a “Lettre au Père Martin” with a range of impossible queries starting from phd studentships for all, to cancellation of the upcoming exams and an extra field course to the Aeolian islands. A couple of days later, I spotted him sneaking in early in the office to leave boxes of chocolate for all of us. That made our day and we still speak about this when some of us from our class catch up!While I left Clermont a while ago now, I went to see him every time I visited and it was always fun and informative. Hervé was kind and generous and always genuinely happy to see you. He will be sorely missed by everyone who has ever crossed his path.

  3. I feel so shocked for the untimely departure of Herve.  It was my good fortune to associate with him for more than 30 years of my career. Our collaboration initiated in 1988 when Herve was still  in Rennes. I have met him in November 1988 in Bangalore when Herve arrived along with Jean-Jacques Peucat, Pierre Choukroune and Gerald Gruau for three weeks field trip in the Dharwar craton.  I was very much impressed by his friendly nature and very long discussions on several issues of Archean tectonics, magmatism and continental growth during his first visit to India.  Subsequently I was invited to Rennes which provided me opportunities to work with a big group on major thematic issues of early Earth.   I have organized several field trips until 2018 with Herve, Jean-Francois Moyen, Bernard Auvray and more recently with Martin Guitreau in the Dharwar craton.  I have very fond memories of working in Herve in field  spending 3-4 weeks each visit in the Dharwar craton discussing about  Archean magmatism and tectonics using target rock record of well preserved TTGs, sanukitoids and potassic granites.   He was always a source of inspiration for me. With the untimely departure of Herve, I have lost a mentor, great friend and a wonderful human being.    Herve was a great host and each time when visit France either in Rennes or Clermont-Ferrand he use to invite me to his house and I enjoyed wonderful moments with his family. His contributions to science particularly origin Archean continental crust has profound impact on early earth dynamics . secular changes in petrogenetic processes of magmatic rocks and  formation of habitable continents and emergence of the biosphere.  The scientific community will remember him for a long time for his outstanding contributions, mentoring scientists across the continents, great human qualities and true friendship. Now only fond memories are left! .I pray Almighty to give eternal peace to the departed noble soul.

  4. Hervé, fait parti de ces gens qui par leur simple action influence grandement votre vie. Alors que j’étais étudiant en Maîtrise à Clermont-Ferrand et que je souhaitais partir, il m’a convaincu de déposer un dossier de candidature au DEA de Clermont-Ferrand dont il était le responsable. Le soir de la proclamation des résultats de Maîtrise, il m’a invité à compléter un dossier de candidature dans son bureau. La suite est simple, DEA et thèse à Clermont, post-doc et un poste d’enseignant-chercheur…Sa gestion du DEA “processus magmatiques et métamorphiques – volcanologie” était exemplaire. Il était très attaché à la solidarité entre étudiants. Par exemple il incitait les étudiants bénéficiant de bourses d’études à les partager dans la mesure du possible. Enfin, il a porté de nombreux projets de recherche en collaboration avec des pays émergents dont le Brésil. Son portugais était excellent.Hervé, un très grand chercheur avec un très grand cœur. 

  5. Hervé was my colleague at LMV, and we worked together to teach some courses for nearly 15 years. As Hervé being senior colleague to me, he looked after my teaching contributions; well in fact, he just let me say whatever I want to students on one side, and Hervé carefully reminded students about the fundamental geochemical observations. I believe this must have motivated students to think critically about over interpretations and helped them understand the scientific thinking process, and cautioned me about jumping on to the cool latest geochemical models.All these interactions were done present manner and laughs. And, I have learned greatly from these interactions. At this moment, I only have regrets that I did not make more effort to know Hervé better and learn from his. I took it for granted of having a such dependable colleague for all these years, and only to realise the big hole when I no longer can go talk to him. I miss him.

  6. Hervé était un excellent collègue et ami qui m’a tant appris à la fois scientifiquement et humainement. Il était un modèle tant sur le plan professionnel que personnel. Son humour limite paillard et sa bonne humeur me manque déjà. J’avais quasiment toujours une petite pensée pour Hervé pendant cette période de confinement lorsque je passais à proximité d’Orcet sachant sa maison non loin. Cependant, j’ai maintenant un pincement au cœur chaque fois que je passe au même endroit en imaginant tout ce que nous ne pourrons pas accomplir ensemble. Car il nous restait, et il lui restait, tant de choses à vivre encore. Hervé, tu es parti trop tôt et tu vas beaucoup me manquer. Ton souvenir restera gravé dans ma mémoire et tu survivras à travers ma science que tu as grandement alimentée. Toi qui t’autoproclamais le « con d’Orcet », j’espère que tu es en paix et merci encore pour tout ce que tu m’as apporté !

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