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Flaherty Taya


Ingénieur d'Etude, UCA
Équipe de Volcanologie
ingénieur études
Bureau: - LMV Cezeaux
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    • Flaherty T., Druitt T., Sigmarsson O., Schiano P., Francalanci L. (2018). Basaltic magmas of Santorini from past to present. American Geophysical Union Fall, Meeting.
    • Myers M., Druitt T., Gurioli L., Schiavi F., Flaherty T. (2018). Evolution of mass discharge and decompression rates during the Plinian phase of the Bronze-Age eruption of Santorini. Abstract id. V44A-04,American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2018.

    • Druitt T., Mercier M., Flaherty T., Deloule E., Andujar J., Cadoux A., Costa F., Scaillet B. (2017). Plumbing system architecture and magma ascent timescales at Santorini Caldera. IAVCEI General Assembly 2017, Portland, Oregon.
    • Flaherty T., Druitt T., Fabbro G., Costa F., Preece K., Deering C. (2017). Timescales of final magma chamber assembly prior to the Minoan eruption of Santorini from Fe-Mg diffusion chronometry in pyroxenes. IAVCEI General Assembly 2017, Portland, Oregon.

    • Druitt T., Athanassis S., Cadoux A., Costa A., Deloule E., Flaherty T., Mercier M., Nomikou P., Scaillet B. (2016). New insights into the late-Bronze-Age eruption of Santorini. NEMO 2016: 150 Years of study of Santorini volcano, Santorini, Greece, 3-5 November 2016.
    • Flaherty T., Druitt T., Fabbro G., Costa C., Preece K., Deering C. (2016). Fe-Mg diffusion chronometry in orthopyroxene from the Minoan eruption of Santorini, Greece. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 18, EGU2016-10949, Vienna, 17-22 April, 2016.

    • Druitt T., Andujar J., Cadoux A., Costa F., Deloule E., Fabbro G., Flaherty T., Mercier M., Scaillet B., Scaillet F. (2015). New perspectives on magmatism at Santorini caldera. Workshop on the volcanic and geodynamic field of the South Aegean, Santorini, 20-22 May, 2015.
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