• Team leader : Rose-Koga Estelle

    The geochemistry team includes about twenty scientists and their research activities are organized around 3 main themes:

    The instrumental facilities consist of an inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer ICP-AES type (HORIBA Jobin Yvon Ultima C), and two ICPMS mass spectrometers (Agilent 7700 et Element 2), a MC-ICPMS Neptune Plus and two TIMS (Triton, Triton Plus), and a counting chain α and β and 2 spectrometers α and β for dating and dosage of radioactive elements of the U-Th series. The Resonetics M-50E 193nm excimer laser system can be connected to the different ICPMS depending on the applications (trace elements, U-Th-Pb geochronology, Pb, Nd, Hf isotopes, Si stable isotopes). This instrumental facilities is completed by pressurized clean rooms for dedicated to the different chemistry procedures and equipped with laminar flow hoods.

  • Personnel list

    26 personnes :

    Aquila Quentin
    Barbarin Bernard
    Basu Pallabi
    Biget Théo
    Bosse Valérie
    Boyet Maud
    Briot Danielle
    Bruand Emilie
    Deniel Catherine
    Doucelance Régis
    Garçon Marion
    Gauthier Pierre-Jean
    Georgeais Guillaume
    Guitreau Martin
    Hervé Garance
    Jubertie Remy
    Kitoga Steve
    Moine Bertrand
    Moyen Jean-François
    Nauret François
    Nicol Lukas
    Paquette Jean-Louis
    Rose-Koga Estelle
    Sauzéat Lucie
    Sigmarsson Olgeir
    Vlastélic Ivan
    Graduate students:
    Quentin Aquila: Explore the geochemistry of past oceans with the formation of Banded Iron Formation (BIF); ERC starting grant GOforISOBIF; adv. M. Garçon and N. Olivier
    Guillaume Georgeais: Relations between ascent rates of magmas and explosively of eruptions; French Government Fellowship; Adv. E. Rose-Koga, Y. Moussallam and K. Koga
    Lukas Nicol: Development and usage of a new isotopic tracer to study the evolution of the hydrothermal activity of Precambrian oceans; ERC starting grant GOforISOBIF; Adv.M. Garçon and M. Boyet
  • Rang A :

    45 publication(s) found(s)
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