[EntetePerso nom=”Prival” prenom=”Jean-Marie” commentaire=””]
  • Research:

    Contributing to the EUROVOLC project on three work packages:

    • WP3: Training, Outreach and Dissemination
    • WP4: Networking atmospheric observations and connecting the volcanological community with VAACs
    • WP20: Virtual Access to EPOS VO-TCS
  • Scientific and administrative responsibilities:

    • Ph.D. representative at the educational council of the OPGC school (2017-2020).
    • Co-organizer of the Volcapot conferences (2019-2020).
  • Publications:

    Rang A :
    [Publications nom=”Prival” prenom=”Jean-Marie” rang=”Rang A”]
    Rang B et C :
    [Publications nom=”Prival” prenom=”Jean-Marie” rang=”Rang B-C”]
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