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Ancellin Marie-Anne

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    • Samaniego P., Rivera M., Manrique N., Schiavi F., Nauret F., Liorzou C., Ancellin M. A. (2020). Linking magmatic processes and magma chemistry duringthe post-glacial to recent explosive eruptions of Ubinas volcano(southern Peru). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research vol.407, p.107095, - lien DOI.

    • Ancellin M. A., Vlastélic I., Samaniego P., Nauret F., Gannoun A.M., Hidalgo S. (2019). Up to 1% Pb isotope disequilibrium between minerals hosted in dacites from the Guagua Pichincha volcano, Ecuador: Implication for tracing the source and crustal history of continental arc magmas. Chemical Geology vol.525, p.177-189, - lien DOI.

    • Rizzo A.L., Liuzzo L., Ancellin M. A., Jost H.J. (2015). Real-time measurements of δ13C, CO2 concentration, and CO2/SO2 in volcanic plume gases at Mount Etna, Italy, over 5 consecutive days. Chemical Geology vol.411, p.182-191, - lien DOI.


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