CARMA platform

CARMA platform

The CarMa project aims to create on the Clermont-Ferrand site a unique and original platform for the characterization of natural and synthetic materials which will allow to answer different industrial and/or academic problems (R&D, quality control, fundamental research).

The CarMa platform will be multi-scale and multimodal:

  • multi-scale to understand the material as a whole (macroscopic scale) and down to the level of its smallest internal components (microscopic to nanoscopic scale) ;
  • multimodal to correlate information from different measurement techniques: electronic imaging of microstructures, point chemical analysis of phases and chemical mapping, Raman spectroscopy, high resolution chemical tomography.

This platform will offer an innovative combination of latest generation techniques at the service of fundamental, applied and collaborative research to meet the demands of regional companies in the field of the study and characterization of solids (rocks, industrial minerals, glasses, concretes, materials for electronics, ceramics, composite materials, nanomaterials).

On a regional scale, it will make up for the delay in infrastructure such as a materials analysis platform in Auvergne compared to the Lyon and Grenoble clusters, as well as offering a specialization in “geomaterials” which will be an asset for all the players in the natural hazards, environment and sustainable development community.

Analyse des éléments majeurs


Microscope électronique à balayage


Microsonde électronique


Presse multi-enclumes 1500 T

Instrument National CNRS

Spectrométries vibrationnelles


Tomographie Rayon X


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