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  • Melting of late-orogenic lithospheres, a petrological and experimental approach
    Case study: the Variscan French Massif CentralAdvisors: J.-F. Moyen & G. StevensResearchGate profile
  •  2010/2014: École Normale Supérieure de Lyon– Agrégation SV-STU (2013)
    – Master’s degree, Université Toulouse 3 (2014)
  • Publications :

    COUZINIÉ S., MOYEN, J-F., VILLAROS A., PAQUETTE JL., SCARROW JH., MARIGNAC C., (2014), Temporal relationships between Mg-K mafic magmatism and catastrophic melting of the Variscan crust in the southern part of the Velay Complex (Massif Central, France). Journal of Geosciences 59 (1-4):1-18

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