Engineer position: re-writing of an interface dedicated to the inversion of surface deformation

In the framework of the European project EUROVOLC (, the Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Clermont and the Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans ( are looking for an engineer to re-write an interface dedicated to the inversion of surface displacement at volcanoes. The purpose of this interface is to provide a tool that non-geophysicists can use to infer the sources of unrest at volcanoes, whether these sources are magma reservoirs or intrusions. A present version of the interface is constructed in matlab, for which the graphical user interface development environment GUI was not used as it did not suit our needs. The interface is launching a series of program on matlab and in C that run in parallel on a cluster. This code is functioning, but it is undocumented for users and developers. It also has many dead branches and inconsistencies leading to unreliable results. The engineer will have to:

  • Map  the existing code ;
  • If possible, adapt part of the interface to the web, so that users can send their computations on the University Clermont-Auvergne cluster.
  • Make the structure of the code more robust and readable. One of the main concerns is the ergonomy of the interface.
  • Create documentations for developers and users in english.
  • Respond to users concern and adapt the code during a test phase.

A background in computation is required, an additional background in geoscience would be preferred. Experience in collaborative work is also appreciated. Fluent english is required.

Salary : 1600 to 2139 Euros after taxes, depending on the experience

Duration : 6-8 months.

Work place : Université Jean Monnet in Saint-Etienne

Contact : Valérie Cayol,, tel. (+33) 4 77 48 15 36 or (+33) 6 43 28 91 44

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