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    Study of volcanic, petrological and mineralogical phenomena taking place inside the Earth and other planets, with a two-fold approach:

    • Experiments at high-pressure and/or high-temperature from 1 bar to Mbar using tools such as gas-mixing furnaces up to the laser-heated diamond anvil cell (see Equipments). We also use in-situ and synchrotron approaches.
    • The study of natural samples: melt inclusions, igneous and metamorphic rocks.

    Our team is composed of 20 permanent staff members (14 teaching researchers, 5 CNRS researchers, 1 IRD researcher), 3 Post-docts and 8 students.


    I.   Magmatism and planetary differentiation

    II.  Kinetics of Magmatic Processes

    III. The Geodynamic Cycle of Volatiles

    IV.  Redox Processes



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  • High-Pressure and High-Temperature Platform
  • Rang A :

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