Experimental Petrology

Experimental Petrology

  • Team Leader : Bouhifd Ali

    Study of volcanic, petrological and mineralogical phenomena taking place inside the Earth and other planets, with a two-fold approach:

    • Experiments at high-pressure and/or high-temperature from 1 bar to Mbar using tools such as gas-mixing furnaces up to the laser-heated diamond anvil cell (see Equipments). We also use in-situ and synchrotron approaches.
    • The study of natural samples: melt inclusions, igneous and metamorphic rocks.

    Our team is composed of 20 permanent staff members (14 teaching researchers, 5 CNRS researchers, 1 IRD researcher), 3 Post-docts and 8 students.


    I.   Magmatism and planetary differentiation

    II.  Kinetics of Magmatic Processes

    III. The Geodynamic Cycle of Volatiles

    IV.  Redox Processes



  • 29 personnes :

    Andrault Denis
    Bachèlery Patrick
    Berthod Carole
    Bolfan-Casanova Nathalie
    Bouhifd Ali
    Buso Roxane
    Chauvigne Paul
    Demouchy Sylvie
    Engels Tristan
    Gardes Emmanuel
    Gautier Adrien
    Gibert François
    Hammouda Tahar
    Khan Siddharth
    Koga Kenneth
    Laporte Didier
    Laubier Muriel
    Manthilake Geeth
    Médard Etienne
    Monteux Julien
    Nicollet Christian
    Olivier Nicolas
    Prabha-Mohan Shashank
    Provost Ariel
    Samaniego Pablo
    Schiano Pierre
    Tadini Alessandro
    Thebault Erwan
    Thiéry Régis

  • High-Pressure and High-Temperature Platform
  • Rang A :

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