Conférence de l’Observatoire, mardi 03 février 2015 à 14:00 (Amphi du Pôle Physique, Campus des Cézeaux)

“Un regard sur les nuages en 3 dimensions en utilisant l’holographie”

jacob fugal1Clouds play an important role in the earth’s water cycle, atmospheric energy budget, and atmospheric chemistry. The behavior of clouds depends, in part, on so-called „cloud microphysics“, or processes involving cloud particles that occur on spatial scales less than ~1 cm. To understand these processes, we use holography to examine cloud particles in their local three-dimensional development on cm-scales.
The holographic method is briefly explained and demonstrated to show its advantages and limitations. Example measurements of cloud particles in their local environment are shown. Finally, measurements of the mixing process at cloud edge are shown and discussed.

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