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Koga Kenneth

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Maître de conférences, UCA
Team Petrology
Axes: Andin Volcanism -
Maître de conférences.
Office: 1.01 - LMV Cezeaux
Phone: +33 (0)
Email :

  • Research interests:

    Specialized in experimental high-temperature geochemistry.

    • Interested in determining geochemical fractionations during magma genesis, metamorphism, and metasomatism in Earth mantle. My current focus is to understand the geochemical cycles of magmatic volatile elements.
    • Geochemical equilibrium & kinetics processes of liquid – mineral interactions during fluid migration in subduction zone investigated by high pressure – high temperature experiments
    • Light isotope fractionation under high-pressure high-temperature conditions using empirical and mineralogical measurements
    • General geochemical kinetics processes associated with Earth sciences (Diffusion process in diamond, and silicate minerals; reaction kinetics of silicate systems)
    • Micro-scale geochemical observations and their relationships to geochemical kinetics

    Some links:

    Van den Bleeken and Koga, 2015

  • Curriculum Vitae :


    2011     Habilitation à diliger recherches (HDR), Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France

    2000     Ph.D. in marine geology and geophysics, MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography, Woods Hole, MA, USA

    1993     Bachelor of Science in Geology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, USA

    Scientific and administrative responsibilities

    2016 – 2020   Animateur de thème “Elements Volatils et Leur Roles Dans Les Processus Géodynamiques”

    2011 – 2014   Responsable de programme 3 “Volatile elements: the driving force behind volcanic activity” LABEX ClerVolc

    2011 – 2014   Responsable de l’equipe Petrologie Experimental, LMV

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  • Teaching activities :

    L2 GEO                        Minéralogie descriptive et determinative

    L2 GEO                        Pétrologie magmatique et métamorphique

    L2 GEO                        Physique de la Terre

    M1 GEO                       Anglais et communication scientifique

    M1 GEO                       Magmatologie Physique et Experimentale

    L1 GEOBIO                   De Minéral et la roche

  • Publications :

    • Kawaguchi M., Hasenaka T., Koga K., Rose-Koga E., Yasuda A., Hokanishi N., Mori Y., Shimizu K., Ushikubo T. (2021). Persistent gas emission originating from a deep basaltic magma reservoir of an active volcano: the case of Aso volcano, Japan. Contribution to Mineralogy & Petrology - lien DOI.

    • Rose-Koga E., Koga K., Devidal J.L., Shimizu N., Le Voyer M., Dalou C., Döbeli M. (2020). In-situ measurements of magmatic volatile elements, F, S, and Cl, by electron microprobe, secondary ion mass spectrometry, and heavy ion elastic recoil detection analysis. American Mineralogist vol.105, p.616-626, 5, - lien DOI.

    • Moussallam Y., Rose-Koga E., Koga K., Médard E., Bani P., Devidal J.L., Tari D. (2019). Fast ascent rate during the 2017–2018 Plinian eruption of Ambae (Aoba) volcano: a petrological investigation. Contribution to Mineralogy & Petrology - lien DOI.

    • Koga K., Rose-Koga E. (2018). Fluorine in the Earth and the solar system, where does it come from and can it be found? - Le fluor dans la Terre et le systèeme solaire, d'où vient-il et où peut-on le trouver ?. Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - lien DOI.
    • Hanley J.J., Koga K. (2018). Halogens in Terrestrial and Cosmic Geochemical Systems: Abundances, Geochemical Behaviors, and Analytical Methods. The Role of Halogens in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Geochemical Processes, D.E. Harlov and L. Aranovich (eds.), Springer Geochemistry, - lien DOI.
    • Dalou C., Boulon J., Koga K., Dalou R., Dennen R. (2018). DOUBLE FIT: Optimization procedure applied to lattice strain model. Computers and Geosciences - lien DOI.
    • Reinhard A.A., Jackson M.G., Koornneef J.M., Rose-Koga E., Blusztajn J., Konter J.G., Koga K., Wallace P.J., Harvey J. (2018). Sr and Nd isotopic compositions of individual olivine-hosted melt inclusions from Hawai'i and Samoa: Implications for the origin of isotopic heterogeneity in melt inclusions from OIB lavas. Chemical Geology vol.495, p.36-49, - lien DOI.
    • Narvaez D., Rose-Koga E., Samaniego P., Koga K., Hidalgo S. (2018). Constraining magma sources using primitive olivine-hosted melt inclusions from Puñalica and Sangay volcanoes (Ecuador). Contribution to Mineralogy & Petrology vol.173, p.80, - lien DOI.
    • Wu J., Koga K. (2018). Direct analyses of fluorine in aqueous fluids extracted from 1-Gpa experiments. Chemical Geology vol.502, p.44-54, - lien DOI.

    • Bénard A., Koga K., Shimizu N., Kendrick M.A., Ionov D., Nebel O., Arculus R.J. (2017). Chlorine and fluorine partition coefficients and abundances in sub-arc mantle xenoliths (Kamchatka, Russia): Implications for melt generation and volatile recycling processes in subduction zones. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta vol.199, p.324-350, - lien DOI.
    • Rose-Koga E., Koga K., Moreira M., Vlastélic I., Jackson M.G., Whitehouse M.J., Shimizu N., Habib N. (2017). Geochemical systematics of Pb isotopes, fluorine, and sulfur in melt inclusions from São Miguel, Azores. Chemical Geology vol.458, p.22-37, - lien DOI.
    • Harris A., Belousov A., Calvari S., Delgado-Granados H., Hort M., Koga K., Tyas Wulan Mei E., Harijoko, Pacheco J., Prival J.M., Solana C., Þórðarson P., Thouret J.C., Van Wyk De Vries B. (2017). Translations of volcanological terms: cross-cultural standards for teaching, communication, and reporting. Bulletin of Volcanology vol.79, p.57, - lien DOI.

    • Debret B., Koga K., Cattani F., Nicollet C., Van De Bleeken G., Schwartz S. (2016). Volatile (Li, B, F and Cl) mobility during amphibole breakdown in subduction zones. Lithos vol.244, p.165-181, - lien DOI.
    • Koga K., Rose-Koga E. (2016). Fluorine, Earth Sciences Series. Encyclopedia of Geochemistry, W.M. White (ed.) (ed.), Springer International Publishing Switzerland, - lien DOI.

    • Jackson M.G., Koga K., Price A., Konter J.G., Koppers A.A.P., Finlayson V.A., Konrad K., Hauri E.H., Kylander-Clark A., Kelley K.A., Kendrick M.A. (2015). Deeply dredged submarine HIMU glasses from the Tuvalu Islands, Polynesia: Implications for volatile budgets of recycled oceanic crust. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems vol.16, p.3210-3234, - lien DOI.
    • Jackson M.G., Cabral R.A., Rose-Koga E., Koga K., Price A., Hauri E.H., Michael P. (2015). Ultra-depleted melts in olivine-hosted melt inclusions from the Ontong Java Plateau. Chemical Geology vol.414, p.124-137, - lien DOI.
    • Van De Bleeken G., Koga K. (2015). Experimentally determined distribution of fluorine and chlorine upon hydrous slab melting, and implications for F–Cl cycling through subduction zones. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta vol.171, p.353-373, - lien DOI.

    • Bennett N.R., Brenan J.M., Koga K. (2014). The solubility of platinum in silicate melt under reducing conditions: Results from experiments without metal inclusions. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 133, 422-442. - lien DOI.
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    • Debret B., Koga K., Nicollet C., Andreani M., Schwartz S. (2014). F, Cl and S input via serpentinite in subduction zones: implications for the nature of the fluid released at depth. Terra Nova 26, 96-101. 106p.. - lien DOI.
    • Gaetani G.A., O’Leary J.A., Koga K., Hauri E.H., Rose-Koga E., Monteleone B.D. (2014). Hydration of mantle olivine under variable water and oxygen fugacity conditions. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 167, 965-914. - lien DOI.
    • Koga K., Garrido C.J., Padrón-Navarta J.A. (2014). FTIR and Raman spectroscopy characterization of fluorine-bearing titanian clinohumite in antigorite serpentinite and chlorite harzburgite. Earth Planet Space 66, 60. - lien DOI.
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    • Martin A.M., Laporte D., Koga K., Kawamoto T., Hammouda T. (2012). Experimental Sudy of the Stability of a Dolomite + Coesite Assemblage in Contact With Peridotite: Implications for Sediment-Mantle Interaction and Diamond Formation During Subduction. Journal of Petrology vol.53, p.391-417, - lien DOI.
    • Rose-Koga E., Koga K., Schiano P., Le Voyer M., Shimizu N., Whitehouse M.J., Clocchiatti R. (2012). Mantle source heterogeneity for South Tyrrhenian magmas revealed by Pb isotopes and halogen contents of olivine-hosted melt inclusions. Chemical Geology 334, 266-279. - lien DOI.

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