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Laurent Antonin

(Personne absente de la base de donnée)
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    Rang A :
    • Seydoux-Guillaume A.M., Fougerousse D., Laurent A., Gardès E., Reddy S., Saxey D. (2019). Nanoscale resetting of the Th/Pb system in an isotopically-closed monazite grain: a combined Atom Probe and Transmission Electron Microscopy study. Geosciences Frontiers. Geosciences Frontiers vol.10, p.1, - DOI:10.1016/j.gsf.2018.09.004.

    • Laurent A., Bingen B., Duchene S., Whitehouse M.J., Seydoux-Guillaume A.M., Bosse V. (2018). Decoding a protracted zircon geochronological record in ultrahigh temperature granulite, and persistence of partial melting in the crust, Rogaland, Norway. Contributions to Mineralogy & Petrology - DOI:10.1007/s00410-018-1455-4.
    • Laurent A., Duchene S., Bingen B., Bosse V., Seydoux-Guillaume A.M. (2018). Two successive phases of ultrahigh temperature metamorphism in Rogaland, S. Norway: evidence from monazite Y-thermometry. Journal of Metamorphic Geology vol.36, p.1009–1037, - DOI:10.1111/jmg.12425.
    • Seydoux-Guillaume A.M., Bingen B., Bosse V., Janots E., Laurent A. (2018). Transmission Electron Microscope imaging sharpens geochronological interpretation of zircon and monazite. vol.Geophysical Monograph 232, p.261-275, Microstructural Geochronology: Planetary Records Down to‐Atom Scale.
    Rang B et C :
    • Bingen B., Viola G., Möller C., Vander Auwera J., Laurent A., Andersson J. (2018). The Mesoproterozoic Sveconorwegian orogeny: orogen scale interpretation of metamorphic and magmatic patterns supports an ultra-hot collision model. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 20, EGU2018-17218, EGU General Assembly 2018.
    • Laurent A., Duchene S., Bingen B., Seydoux-Guillaume A.M., Bosse V. (2018). Pulsed versus protracted ultrahigh temperature metamorphism in Rogaland, contrasting records of monazite and zircon. Granulite & Granulite 2018 Conference Abstracts.

    • Laurent A., Duchene S., Bingen B, Seydoux-Guillaume A.M., Bosse V. (2017). Laurent A, Duchene S, Bingen B, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Bosse V (2017) Strength and weakness of zircon and monazite as geochronometers during ultra-high temperature granulite facies metamorphism. Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2017 2214. oral.

    • Laurent A., Seydoux-Guillaume A.M., Duchene S., Bingen B., Bosse V., Gouy S. (2015). Linking Mineralogical and Geochronological Record of Monazite during Ultra-High Temperature Granulite-Facies Metamorphism. Goldschmidt Abstracts, 2015 1783.
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