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Manthilake Geeth

Chargé(e) de Recherche, CNRS
Équipe de Pétrologie
Chargé de Recherches
Bureau: 1.43 - LMV Cezeaux
Courriel :

Scientist-in-Charge  – The French National High-Pressure Research Platform
  • Thèmes de Recherche :

    Elastic and transport properties (sound wave velocity, electrical conductivity,  thermal diffusivity and rheology) of mantle minerals at high pressure and temperature

  • Publications  :

    • Peng Y., Mookherjee M., Hermann A., Manthilake G., Mainprice D. (2022). Anomalous elasticity of talc at high pressures: Implications for subduction systems. Geosciences Frontiers - DOI:10.1016/j.gsf.2022.101381.
    • Peng Y., Mookherjee M., Hermann A., Manthilake G., Mainprice D. (2022). Anomalous elasticity of talc at high pressures: Implications for subduction systems. Geosciences Frontiers p.101381, - DOI:10.1016/j.gsf.2022.101381.








    • Chheda T.D., Mookherjee M., Mainprice D., Santos A.M., Molaison J.J., Chantel J., Manthilake G., Bassett W. (2014). Structure and elasticity of phlogopite under compression: Geophysical implications. Phys. Earth Planet. Interiors 233, 1-12. - DOI:10.1016/j.pepi.2014.05.004.
    • Hammouda T., Chantel J., Manthilake G., Guignard J., Crichton W. (2014). Hot mantle geotherms stabilize calcic carbonatite magmas up to the surface. Geology. - DOI:10.1130/G35778.1.
    • Soustelle V., Walte N., Manthilake G., Frost D. (2014). Melt migration and melt-rock reactions in the deforming Earth’s upper mantle. Geology 42, 83-86. - DOI:10.1130/G34889.1.
    • Zhang B.Y.T., Yamazaki D., Manthilake G., Katsura T. (2014). Electrical conductivity anisotropy in partially molten peridotite under shear deformation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 405, 98-109. - DOI:10.1016/j.epsl.2014.08.018.

    • Manthilake G., Miyajima N., Heidelbach F., Soustelle V., Frost D.J. (2013). The effect of aluminum and water on the development of deformation fabrics of orthopyroxene. Contributions to Mineralogy & Petrology vol.165, p.495-505, - DOI:10.1007/s00410-012-0819-4.
    • Trots D.M., Kurnosov A., Manthilake G., Ovsyannikov S.V., Akselrud L.G., Hansen T., Smyth J.R., Frost D.J. (2013). The determination of hydrogen positions in superhydrous phase B. American Mineralogist vol.98, p.1688-1692, - DOI:10.2138/am.2013.4475.

    • Ovsyannikov, S. V., Wu,X., Karkin, A. E., Shchennikov V. V., Manthilake, G. M. (2012) Pressure-temperature phase diagram of Ti2O3 and physical properties in the golden Th2S3-type phase, Phys. Rev. B 2012, vol. 86, Iss. 2, Art. No. 024106.
    • Zang, X., Dubrovinsky, L., Manthilake, M.A.G.M., Wei, Q. (2012). High pressure, high temperature Raman spectra of hydrous wadsleyite (β-Mg2SiO4), Phys Chem Minerals, 39:57–64
    • Manthilake, M.A.G.M., Walte, N., Frost, D.J. (2012) A new multi-anvil press employing six independently acting 800 tonne hydraulic rams. High Pressure research, 32, 195-207.

    • Wu, X., Qin, S., Gu, T-T., Manthilake, G. (2011) Structural and elastic properties of CaGeO3 perovskite at high pressure, Phys. Earth Planet. Interiors, 189, 151-156.
    • Ni, H., Keppler, H., Manthilake, M.A.G.M., Katsura, T. (2011) Electrical conductivity of dry and hydrous NaAlSi3O8 glasses and liquids at high pressures, Contrib. Mineral. Petrol. DOI: 10.1007/s00410-011-0608-5.
    • Manthilake M.A.G.M., de Koker, N., Frost, D.J. (2011) Thermal conductivity of CaGeO3 at high pressure, Geophys. Res. Lett. 38: L08301.
    • Manthilake M.A.G.M., de Koker, N., Frost, D.J. McCammon, C. (2011) Lattice thermal conductivity of the lower mantle. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108: 17901-17904.

    • Wu, X., Zhang, B., Xu, J., Katsura, T., Zhai, S., Yoshino, T., Manthilake, G., Shatskiy, A. (2010). Electrical conductivity measurements of periclase under high pressure and high temperature Physica B: Condensed Matter, 40, 53-56.

    • Manthilake, M.A.G.M., Matsuzaki, T., Yoshino, T., Yamashita, S., Ito, E., Katsura, T. (2009). Electrical conductivity of wadsleyite as a function of temperature and water content. Phys. Earth Planet. Interiors, 174, 10-18.
    • Katsura, T., Shatskiy, A., Manthilake, M.A.G.M., Zhai, S., Fukui, H., Yamazaki, D.,Matsuzaki, T., Yoneda,A., Ito, E., Kuwata, A., Ueda, A., Nozawa, A., Funakoshi, K-I. (2009). Thermal expansion of forsterite at high pressures determined by in situ X-ray diffraction: The adiabatic geotherm in the upper mantle. Phys. Earth Planet. Interiors, 179, 86-92.
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    • Yoshino, T., Manthilake, G., Matsuzaki, T., Katsura, T. (2008). Dry mantle transition zone inferred from the electrical conductivity of wadsleyite and ringwoodite. Nature, 451,326-329.
    • Katsura, T., Yokoshi, S., Kawabe, K., Shatskiy, A., Manthilake, M. A. G. M., Zhai, S., Fukui, H., Hegoda, S. I., Yoshino, T., Yamazaki, D., Matsuzaki, T., Yoneda, A., Ito, E., Sugita, M., Tomioka, N., Hagiya, K., Nozawa, A and Funakoshi, K.-i. (2008), P-V-T relations of the MgSi03 perovskite determined by in situ x-ray diffraction using a large- volumehigh-pressure apparatus, Geophys.Res.Lett., 36, L01305, doi: 10. 1029 / 2008 GL 035658.
    • Manthilake, M.A.G.M., Sawada, Y., Sakai, S. (2008). Genesis and evolution of Eppawala carbonatites, Sri Lanka, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 32, 66-75.

    Other publications :




    • Clesi V., Bouhifd A., Bolfan-Casanova N., Manthilake G., Fabbrizio A., Andrault D. (2016). Effect of H2O on metal-silicate partitioning of Ni, Co, V, Cr, Mn and Fe: Implications for Earth and Mars. EMPG XV, Zürich, June 5 – 8.
    • Freitas D., Manthilake G., Chantel J., Andrault D. (2016). Mesures simultanées de conductivité électrique et de vitesse d'ondes sismiques de matériaux géologiques partiellement fondus à haute pression et haute température : implication pour la fraction de liquide silicaté dans l'asthénosphère. 10e forum de technologie des hautes pressions du CNRS, Le Londe les Maures, France, Oct 2016.


    • Hammouda T., Chantel J., Manthilake G., Guignard J., Crichton W. (2014). Calciocarbonatite eruption from the mantle: in situ monitoring at high pressure and high temperature using synchrotron radiation. Synchroton Grenoble. .
    • Hammouda T., Chantel J., Manthilake G., Guignard J., Crichton W., Gaillard F. (2014). First in-situ monitoring of CO2 delivery to the mantle followed by compression melting, using synchrotron generated X-ray diffraction. Geophysical Research Abstracts: EGU General Assembly 2014. .
    • Pesce G., Manthilake G., Andrault D., Bolfan-Casanova N. (2014). Experimental Investigations of the Deep Earth's Mantle Melting Properties. AGU Fall meeting.
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