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Physicien-Adjoint, OPGC
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Research interests :

My research focuses on understanding magma degassing from magma at depth to the surface. I am interested in integrating both dissolved and exsolved volatile behaviour during magmatic processes (e.g. differentiation, degassing). I have studied the exsolution path of magmatic volatiles by combining 1) Volatile (H2O, CO2, S, Cl, F) concentrations dissolved in melt inclusions and in the groundmass glasses. 2) Volcanic gas composition (plume or fumaroles) and 3) Volcanic SO2 flux. The techniques used to measure gas compositions and fluxes are of particular interest for gas monitoring.

  • Skills and methods: UV spectroscopy, MultiGAS, Giggenbach bottles, filter packs, Melt inclusions, electronic microprobe, SEM, ion chromatography, ICP-MS, LA-ICP-MS, SIMS.

Administrative activities:

  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Observatoire de Physique du Globe de Clermont-Ferrand (OPGC)
  • Reviewer for JGR, JVGR, GCA, EPSL, Chem. Geol., G3, ANR (French NSF), IRD, Icelandic Research Funds
  • 2011, 2014: Permanent member of the board committee for the Master 2 degree at LMV
  • 2007-2010: seminar organizer at LMV

Teaching experience :

  • From 2007 – Blaise Pascal University
    • Method of academic work – scientific reasoning – First year students
    • Volcanic gas monitoring – Master Research 2nd year
    • Introduction to geology and volcanology  – First year students
    • Petrology – Civil engineer school
    • Educational field excursion: continental geology – First year students in biology
  • 2006-2009 – Courses taught in English at Univ. Copiapo, Chile and Univ. Hannover, Germany
  • 2002-2004 – Blaise Pascal University
    • Tectonic – Master 1 year
    • Educational field excursion in sedimentology and tectonic – First year students
    • Visit of the LMV – First year students

Field-based studies:

    • Jan. 2015: La Soufrière, Guadeloupe. MultiGAS and work on the gas monitoring network.
    • Nov. 2014: Piton de la Fournaise, Réunion. FLYSPEC and MultiGAS, Scoria sampling from the 2014 eruption and work on the gas monitoring network.
    • July 2014: Etna, Sicily. FLYSPEC, UV and thermal cameras on the NE crater and the eruptive fissure (MED-SUV FP7)
    • Nov. 2011: Irruputuncu, Chile: Filter packs, Giggenbach bottles and scoria and lava sampling
    • Jan. 2010: Popocatepetl, Mexico: DOAS
    • April – June 2009: Lascar and Lastarria, Chile.  DOAS, Filter packs and Giggenbach bottles.
    • Jan. 2009: Arenal, Costa Rica. DOAS, scoria and lava sampling.
    • Nov. 2008: Popocatepetl and El Chichon volcanoes, Mexico. 10th gas-workshop CCVG-IAVCEI- DOAS and Giggenbach bottles.
    • Jan. 2007: Poas et Arenal, Costa Rica. Scoria sampling.
    • Nov. 2003: Masaya, Nicaragua. Filter packs, Scoria sampling 
    • Oct. 2003: Hekla, Iceland. Scoria sampling

Publications :

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