The recruited person will be assigned to the experimental petrology team of the Laboratory Magmas and Volcanoes (LMV), a research unit of Clermont Auvergne University, CNRS and IRD. His/her work should be complementary with the other Team’s members and enrich the research axes of this team. It can also be part of one of the transversal research axes of the LMV (“Geodynamic Mechanisms of the Early Earth”, “Regional Geology: Volcanism and Environments”). The profile is broadly open and encompasses the study of petrologic, magmatic and metamorphic processes and their relationship to the Earth’s internal dynamics using high pressure-high temperature experiments and/or the observation of natural geological objects, and physical modeling. The objective is to recruit a scientific leader able to develop a new area of ​​excellence within the team and/or to reinforce one of its fields of expertise: study of petrologic, magmatic and volcanic processes via HP-HT experimentation, internal dynamics of the Earth and mantle melting, physico-chemistry of magmatic processes approached by the study of magmatic inclusions, recycling of volatile elements in subduction zones and arc volcanism, study of magmatic or natural metamorphic objects coupled with experimentation at HP-HT, etc. The development of international interdisciplinary projects, in synergy with other LMV teams or other laboratories, will be encouraged. For more information please contact Didier Laporte ( director of the laboratory and Nathalie Bolfan-Casanova ( head of the experimental petrology team.


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