Vous êtes cordialement invités à la présentation de

Federica Schiavi (post-doc LMV) qui se déroulera
dans le nouvel amphi (1er étage) le jeudi 17 mars à 14h.
Cette présentation portera sur : « Pressure and volatiles in melt inclusions: insights from experiments, calculations and Raman spectroscopy. »
Résumé de la présentation :
“Phenocryst-hosted melt inclusions provide useful insight into magmatic conditions and magma composition at depth. However, several reversible and irreversible processes (e.g. chemical re-equilibration, volatile loss, elasto-plastic deformation of the host mineral) can modify the original physicochemical features of melt inclusions after their entrapment and during their re-homogenization. The effects of these processes on variations of internal pressure, volume and composition have been studied by combining experimental and theoretical approaches. In addition, confocal micro-Raman spectroscopy represents a useful tool for quantification of volatiles and 3D mapping of unexposed melt inclusions. Investigations are carried out to better understand Raman scattering coefficients and refine the accuracy of Raman analysis.”
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