TIMS Triton (Thermo-Ionisation Mass Spectrometer), from ThermoFisher Scientific, has been installed in the Laboratory Magmas and Volcans since January 2005. This instrument was co-financed by INSU, the University Blaise Pascal from the Auvergne Region and Regional FEDER funds.
This instrument is a spectrometer for isotope analysis.
It is equipped with 9 Faraday cages allowing the simultaneous acquisition of 9 isotopes; as well as a RPQ filter coupled to an electron multiplier SEM for the acquisition of weak signals. It is dedicated to the following activities:

  • Isotopic tracing of magma sources using isotopes of Strontium (Sr), Neodymium (Nd), and Osmium (Os).
  • Geochronology with the use of chronometers such as Rubidium Strontium (Rb / Sr), Samarium/Neodymium (147Sm-143Nd and / or 146Sm-143Nd), Rhenium/Osmium (Re / Os).
  • Development in progress: stable isotopes of Chromium (Cr).

This instrument is part of the French Geochemical and Experimental Network (REGEF).
The Laboratory also has another TIMS: a Triton XT – ThermoFisher Scientific

Contact : Delphine Auclair

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