Mickaël Laumonier (LMV, nouvel arrivant post-doc ClerVolc) qui se déroulera

le jeudi 3 décembre à 16h en salle Jean Jung .

Sa présentation comportera 2 parties :

– MELT INTERCONNECTIVITY in the upper mantle
– suivie de GIANT WATER reservoir in the Andean crust (voir les résumés ci-dessous)
En espérant vous voir nombreux,

MELT INTERCONNECTIVITY in the upper mantle
Some regions of the Earth’s mantle are particularly conductive (electrically) and the reason is still a matter of debate: water in minerals or presence of melt? The melt theory is based on mathematical models (melt distribution-bulk electrical conductivity) which have not been experimentally tested/confirmed. Experiments with in situ electrical conductivity mesurements suggest the presence of < 1 % of melt in the LAB to explain the observed electrical conductivity and reveal the need to re evaluate the mathematical models.
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