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Associated to Laboratoire de Génétique, Reproduction et Développement (GReD)
28 place H. Dunant – 63000 Clermont-Fd
Office: 337 (3rd level)

  • Research topics

    – Eruptive dynamics of explosive volcanism

    – Injection, dispersion and sedimentation of volcanic plumes through the atmosphere

    – Primary and secondary processes of volcanic ash generation

    – Health impact of volcanic ash

    Research approaches

    – Sedimentology of pyroclastic deposits

    – Physical characterisation of pyroclasts and fine ash in particular

    – Numerical simulation of volcanic plume dispersion and sedimentation

    – Statistical analyses

    – Biology experiments on cellular models

    Administrative activities

    – Member of the 2019-2023 IAVCEI Executive Committee (International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior)

  •  Biography

    – Since 2020 : CNRS Researcher, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans & Laboratoire de Génétique, Reproduction et Développement, Clermont-Ferrand

    – 2019-2020 : I-Site CAP 20-25 Postdoctoral fellow, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans & Laboratoire de Génétique, Reproduction et Développement, Clermont-Ferrand

    – 2016-2017 : Postdoctoral fellow from the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE

    – 2013-2016 : Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellow, University of Bristol, UK

    – 2012-2013 : Postdoctoral fellow, University of Hawaii, US

    – 2008-2012 : PhD student, Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE

  • Publications :

    Peer-reviewed publications :

    [Publications nom=”Eychenne” prenom=”Julia” rang=”Rang A”]

    • Jones, T.J., McNamara, K., Eychenne, J., Rust, A.C., Cashman, K.V., Scheu, B., Edwards, R. (2016). Primary and secondary fragmentation of crystal bearing intermediate magma. J. Geotherm. Volcanol. Res. Doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2016.06.022
    • Famin, V., Berthod, C., Michon, L., Eychenne, J., Brothelande, E., Mahabot, M-M., Chaput, M. (2016). Localization of magma injections, hydrothermal alteration, and deformation in a volcanic detachment (Piton des Neiges, La Réunion). Journal of Geodynamics. Doi:10.1016/j.jog.2016.05.007
    • Engwell, S., Eychenne, J. (2016). Chapter 4: Contribution of fine ash to the atmosphere from plumes associated with pyroclastic density currents. In Volcanic Ash: Hazard Observation, edited by Mackie, S., Ricketts, H., Watson, M., Cashman, K., Rust, A. Elsevier.
    • Eychenne, J., Cashman, K., Rust, A., Durant, A. (2015). Impact of the lateral blast on the spatial pattern and grain size characteristics of the May 18, 1980 Mount St. Helens fallout deposit. J. Geophys. Res. 120, 6018-6038.
    • Eychenne, J., Houghton, B., Swanson, D., Carey, R., Swavely, L. (2015). Dynamics of an open basaltic magma system: the 2008 activity of the Halema’uma’u Overlook vent, Kilauea Caldera. Earth Planet. Scie. Let. 409, 49-60.
    • Eychenne, J., Le Pennec, J.L., Ramon, P., Yepes, H. (2013). Dynamics of explosive paroxysms at open-vent andesitic systems: High-resolution mass distribution analyses of the 2006 Tungurahua fall deposit (Ecuador). Earth Planet. Scie. Let. 361, 343-355.
    • Eychenne, J., Le Pennec, J.L. (2012). Sigmoidal particle density distribution in a subplinian scoria fall deposit. Bull. Volcanol. 74, 2243-2249.
    • Eychenne, J., Le Pennec, J.L., Troncoso, L., Gouhier, M., Nedelec, J.M. (2012). Causes and consequences of bimodal grainsize distribution of tephra fall deposited during the August 2006 Tungurahua eruption (Ecuador). Bull. Volcanol. 74, 187-205. 
    Communications & other publications (after 2016) :

    [Publications nom=”Eychenne” prenom=”Julia” rang=”Rang B-C”]

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