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Guitreau Martin

Post-Doctorant, UCA-CLERVOLC
Équipe de Géochimie
Axes: Géologie régionale -
Bureau: 1.45 - LMV Cezeaux
Courriel :

  • Research themes:

    I am interested in the use of elemental and isotope geochemistry, as well as magmatic and metamorphic petrology, to understand the formation and evolution of our planet at different scales. My research interests can be summarized in: 1) the formation and evolution of the continental crust, 2) the composition, structure, and evolution of mantle reservoirs, 3) Archean and Hadean geology, and 4) Analytical geochemistry (adaptation or development of new analytical methods concerning both machines and isotopic tools). My major research tool is radiogenic isotope geochemistry, with both long- and short-lived isotope systematics such as Lu-Hf, U-Th-Pb, Hf-W, and Sm-Nd.


    Radiogenic isotope geochemistry, geochronology, Hadean and Archean Earth, continental crust, mantle reservoirs

    Ongoing project:

    ANR Zircontinents (PI)


  • Peer-reviewed publications :

    [20] Guitreau, M., Boyet, M., Paquette, J.-L., Gannoun, A., Konc, Z., Benbakkar, M., Suchorski, K. and Hénot, J.-M. (2019). Hadean protocrust reworking at the origin of the Napier Complex (East Antarctica). Geochemical Perspectives Letters 12, 7-11.

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    [18] Deng, Z., Chaussidon, M., Guitreau, M., Puchtel, I.S., Dauphas, N. and Moynier, F. (2019). Silicon isotopic evidence for an oceanic subduction origin of Archean granitoids. Nature Geoscience 12, 774-778

    [17] Guitreau, M. and Flahaut, J. (2019). Record of low-temperature aqueous alteration of Martian zircon during the late Amazonian. Nature communications 10, article 2457, 1-9

    [16] Jayananda, M., Guitreau, M., Martin, H., Peucat, J.-J., Thomas, T.T., Aadhiseshan, K.R., Gireesh, R.V. and Satyanarayanan, M. (2019). Geochronology and geochemistry of Meso- to Neoarchean magmatic epidote-bearing potassic granites, Western Dharwar Craton (Bellur-Nagamangala-Pandavpura corridor), Southern India: Implications for the successive stages of crustal reworking and cratonization. In: Archean Granitoids of India: Windows into Early Earth Tectonics. Geological Society of London Special Publication 489

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    [14] Guitreau, M., Mora, N. and Paquette, J.-L. (2018). Crystallization and disturbance histories of single zircon crystals from Hadean-Eoarchean Acasta gneisses examined by LA-ICP-MS U-Pb traverses. G-Cubed 19, 272-291

    [13] Guitreau, M., Mukasa, S.B., Loudin, L., Krishnan, S. (2017). New constraints on the early formation of the Western Dharwar Craton (india) from igneous zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf isotopes. Precamb. Res. 302, 33-49

    [12] Guitreau, M., Mukasa, S.B., Blichert-Toft, J. and Prado, F. (2016). Pikes Peak Batholith (Colorado, USA) revisited: A SIMS and LA-ICP-MS study of zircon U-Pb ages combined with solution Hf isotope compositions. Precambrian Research 280, 179-194

    [11] Giacomoni, P.P., Coltorti, M., Bryce, J.G., Fahnestock, F.M. and Guitreau, M. (2016). Mt. Etna plumbing system revealed by combined compositional, thermobarometric and textural studies in clinopyroxene. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 171, 34-48

    [10] Guitreau, M. and Blichert-Toft, J. (2014). Implications of discordant U-Pb ages on Hf isotope studies of detrital zircons. Chemical Geology 385, 17-25

    [9] Guitreau, M., Blichert-Toft, J., and Billström, K. (2014). Hafnium isotope evidence for early-Proterozoic volcanic arc reworking in the Skellefte district (northern Sweden) and implications for the Svecofennian orogen. Precambrian Research 252, 39-52

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