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  • Main research topics:

    • Themes and objects: physical volcanology and volcanic geomorphology; explosive volcanism; eruptive history and styles; Andean ignimbrites; lahar characteristics and dynamics; hazard and risk assessment; ice and volcano interactions.
    • Tools and methods: field survey; remote sensing of VHR optical images; laboratory analysis of tephra; in situ measurements of lahar flows; high resolution topography (DEM); GIS

    Scientific and administrative responsibilities:

    • One of two persons in the geology department in charge of abroad studies and student exchanges, and member of the committee of abroad studies at the UFR and University.
    • Leader of the French-Peruvian, inter-university network ‘R. Porras Barrenechea’ at the University since 2000.
    • Leader of the International, scientific Programme (PICS) between Peru and France (volcanism, volcanic hazards and risks, 3 Laboratories in France, 3 Institutions in Peru), 2014-2016.
    • Member of the scientific committee of two university departments and member of the scientific council of the Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans, 2006 – 2012.
    • Person in charge of the Memorandum of Understanding between UBP and Massey University (New Zealand, 2007) and between UBP and University Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia (2012)

    Invited conferences and international activities:

    • Keynote speaker: The international Symposium on Earth and Mars Ice Volcano Interactions, Reykjavik, Iceland, June 2006 ; Meeting COST26 (UE) Urban habitat constructions under catastrophic events, Naples, Italy, September 2010 ; Geological Congress of Peru, Cusco, October 2010 ; Foro internacional de gestión del riesgo geológico, Arequipa, Peru, October 2015.
    • Invited fellowship ‘International Visitor Research Funding’ in 2005, 2006 and 2007 at Massey University, Institute of Natural Resources, Volcanic Risk Solutions Lab., Palmerston North, New Zealand.
    • Award bestowed by the Geological Society of Peru in October 2010 and by INGEMMET in October 2015 in recognition of “unselfish scientific and technical cooperation and supervising activities since 1995.”

    Teaching stint:

    • Institution: University Blaise Pascal, UFR Sciences and Techniques, Department of Geology.
    • Discipline and courses: Historical Geology L1 ST; Volcanology L2 ST; Volcanic and tectonic geomorphology L3 ST MV; Seismic and Volcanic hazards and risks L3 ST GE; Geology of natural, continental environments L1 Biology; Water, Energy and Landforms (geomorphology) L2 Biology; Open UE to all L3 students enrolled in Sciences: Introduction to volcanology; Supervising reports of studies and investigation (RSI=TERs) during Master 1; Assessment of volcanic hazards and risks Master2R
    • Study levels: 1st cycle in Biology and 1st to 3rd cycles in ST (geology); co-person in charge for Master 1 TERs, 2007-2009.
  • LMV publications from 2010:

    Rang A:

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    Rang B and C:

    [Publications nom=”Thouret” prenom=”Jean-Claude” rang=”Rang B-C”]



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