Non classé Chemistry room: alkaline fusion

Chemistry room: alkaline fusion

Mise en solution par fusion alcaline

The technique uses fluxing agents :

  • Mixing: fluxing agent/sample, lowers the melting point of the sample.
  • The main fluxing agents contain borates: LiBO2 / sample powder.

Melting is generally done in graphite crucibles using a magnetic induction furnace.

The obtained bead is dissolved in an acidified solution (HNO3 1%). The total volume is 200ml. It results in a dilution factor of 2000.












A magnetic induction furnace

creuset à froid
A cold graphite crucible
creuset chauffé à 1000 degrés
Graphite crucible at 1000ºC
Molten rock bead
Perle de roche
solutions prêtes à l'analyse
Solutions ready for analysis




Contact : Mhammed Benbakkar

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