The clean room is dedicated to wet analysis of samples (sample dissolution and separation of chemical elements). It is a dust-free (pressurized under filtered air) and ventilated area (extraction of acid vapors). It consists mainly of materials/furniture that are inert to acids. The room is divided into several smaller areas dedicated to specific applications.



    • Hoods coupling laminar air flow and extraction, in solid polypropylene (Salare LFE series)
    • Evaporation zones extracted and under flow of ULPA filtered air (Camfil Megalam)
    • Recycled laminar flow hoods (Minaservice, Materlabo)
    • Materlabo fume cupboards
    • Savillex DST-1000 (1 L) and DST-4000 (4 L) distillers
    • Hot plates inert to Analab acids
    • Analab Evapoclean Closed Evaporation Systems
  Materlabo hood used for acid distillation


  • Dissolution of samples by acid etching (HF-HNO3)
  • Dissolution under pressure (mineralization bombs, HPA – aqua regia) and alkaline fusion
  • Dilution of samples for measurement of trace element concentrations by ICPMS
  • Separation of the elements on ion exchange resin (Li, B, K, Cr, Fe, Rb, Sr, Mo, HSE, Ba, La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Lu, Hf, Pb, Th, U), by micro-distillation (Os) and liquid-liquid extraction (Re, Os, Po)
  Evaporation area (analab heating plates) under ULPA filtered air (Camfil Megalam)   Laminar flow hoods with air extraction (Salare LFE series)

Contact : Chantal Bosq


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