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We are pleased to invite you to participate to a workshop held in Clermont-Ferrand from the 5th to the 8th of July 2023 (this is the week just before the Goldschmidt Conference in Lyon), celebrating the life and career of the late prof. Hervé Martin.

This workshop will include scientific presentations on themes that Hervé worked on, as well as moments of conviviality and remembrance and a one day field trip.

Please register and submit your abstract before the 1st of April 2023

Four themes

  • Granites and chemical modelling (Chair: Martin Guitreau, UCA; Keynote: Jean-François Moyen, UCA)
  • Archean geology (Chair: Emilie Bruand, Brest; Keynote: Nick Arndt, Grenoble)
  • Adakites and Andean magmatism (Chair: tba; Keynote: Silvana Hidalgo, Instituto Geofísico – Escuela Politécnica Nacional Ecuador )
  • Astrobiology (Chair: Muriel Gargaud, Bordeaux)

The organizers (in alphabetical order): Audrey Chazal, Régis Doucelance, Muriel Gargaud, Martin Guitreau, Jean-François Moyen, Estelle Rose-Koga, Pablo Samaniego.

Contact and info: Martin Guitreau, Jean-François Moyen.

Workshop program:

  • 5th July: Ice-breaker at Laboratoire Magmas et Volcans (6 pm)
  • 6th July: Workshop in downtown Clermont-Ferrand
    • Morning: « Granites … »
    • Afternoon : « Archaean… »
    • Poster session
    • Evening: diner (venue tba) and breton music/dances. Bring your instrument!
  • 7th July: Workshop in downtown Clermont-Ferrand
    • Morning: « Adakites… »
    • Afternoon: « Astrobiology »
    • Poster session
    • Evening: Conference for general public: Vie dans l’Univers et Paradoxe de Fermi, Nikos Prantzos, Paris
  • 8th: Field trip in French Massif Central (granites of the Forez mountains and cogenetic rhyolites – B. Barbarin & O. Laurent)

We are in the happy position to have sufficient financial support, and do not need to charge anything to the participants. Of course, you should still cover your own travel and accomodation.

Registration and abstracts:

As we have only a limited number of places available, kindly register by filling the form here. First come, first serve…

Abstracts can be submitted online at


  • Prepare your abstract using the attached template:  Workshop_template
  • Rename your file so that the filename start with your surname (in caps), e.g. MARTIN_abstract_Workshop.docx
  • Upload it on UCA drive, at the address indicated above. Note that a technical limitation here means that you cannot access your file once submitted. Please make sure everything is the way you want before uploading, and if there is still a problem, contact us.

Getting to Clermont:

By plane: Clermont-Ferrand Aulnat (CFE) is connected to Paris (CDG) by three daily flights.

By train: Paris (Bercy) to Clermont-Ferrand is a direct route, about 3h30, 4-6 daily. From Lyon, direct, 2h30, 6-8 trains daily.

Driving: Lyon to Clermont, 2 hr, 170 km (motorway, toll). Paris to Clermont, 5h, 425 km (motorway, toll).

Going from Clermont to Lyon:

If you are attending the Goldschmidt conference starting in Lyon on the Sunday 9th (or earlier if you participate to a workshop), there are several convenient options:

  • Driving — 2 hours but not recommanded, trafic/parking in Lyon can be quite bad.
  • By train, depending when you need to be in Lyon (e.g. if attending a workshop)
    • On the Sunday, at your leisure. 6 direct trains from 7h04 to 19h50, about 2h30. 14h03 or maybe 15h02 would bring you in Lyon confortably in time for the icebreaker (16h26 and 17h26, resp.)
    • On the Saturday evening after the field trip:
      • From Clermont, you would need to leave at 17h00 (at the latest) to be at 19h26 in Lyon, probably skipping the field trip
      • The field trip bus will (probably) make a stop in Roanne, with trains to Lyon at 18h21 and 18h50 (a bit more than 1 hour to Lyon).
    • On the Friday evening, last trains at 18h02 and 19h20 (2h30).
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