Hervé Martin (emeritus Professor at LMV) passed away Tuesday, 15th of June 2021.

Hervé was born in 1951, and obtained his PhD from Rennes in 1977, working on Saint-Malo migmatitic complex in Northern Brittany. He was hired as a lecturer in Rennes, where he developped his most famous work on Archaean TTG of Finland.

In 1993, he obtained a professorship at Clermont-Ferrand, where he spent the rest of his career. He carried on working on Archaean geology (of India, South Africa, Brazil…), but also worked on adakitic magmatism in the Andes. Since ca. 2000, he was involved in exobiology and participated to a multi-disciplinary workgroup on the origin of life on Earth.

Hervé is survived by his wife, two sons and two grand-sons, to whom we extend our thoughts.

Passionated and motivated teacher, warm and supporting mentor, friendly and light-hearted colleague, Hervé will stay in our memories as a warm, simple and generous man.

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Eulogy by J.-F. Moyen (in French), during the farewell ceremony on the 24th of June:


au format pdf : texte_JF_ceremonie_2406


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